Read our story to learn how The Covers came together to become one of the best live cover bands in the Twin Cities


"Tell me about The Covers"

- The Covers have often been the difference between a good night and an incredible, unforgettable night.  Music inspires joy, recalls good times and inspires new memorable moments. 6 talented musicians that enjoy playing music with each other providing music for guests, young and old, to dance and sing along to... It’s powerful. 

"Why are folks choosing a live cover bands over a DJ?"

- Well, obviously with 5-10 human beings in the mix the band is the more costly option. I think more and more people are longing for real, authentic connections and they are willing to pay extra for it. Why do you think brides so often choose real flowers over artificial flowers... they look the same to most people.  Both are beautiful and functional.  Artificial flowers do the job but they don’t fill the room with the sweet aroma... and let’s face it... they FEEL fake.  The Covers have a list of about 40 songs we play at every reception... but we also agree to learn one special song at the request of the couple.  A few months ago I was asked to learn an old, obscure Juice Newton song for the Mother/Son dance.  It was a difficult song and took some time to learn but it was all worth it when I watched that Mom hold her baby boy as I sang “The sweetest thing I’ve ever known is loving you”.  I KNEW I had made her night!  Sure, a DJ could have played a recording.. and Juice would have sang it perfectly... but that mom and I had a moment, a connection as I sang that song for her.  That’s the difference.  Connection.  And I think even Juice herself would be happy to know her song made that happen. 

Honestly, when I am a guest at a wedding and I walk into the reception room and I see drums, and amps and instruments I say to myself... I’m gonna stay for the party and hear this band.  When I see a table with a computer and a turn-table... I say... I think I’ll go home and watch Netflix. I can turn on my iPhone anytime and hear this music.  

Hiring a real band tells the guests that the bride and groom are serious about this party. 

"How are The Covers different from more traditional wedding bands?"

 - The stereotype presented in the movie The Wedding Singer is what most people associate with “traditional” wedding bands.  It’s just that.. a stereotype... an exaggerated parody.  A guy singing 80s songs as a “hobby”.   You don’t see much of that in the Twin Cities which is rich with talented professional musicians playing in cover bands as just one facet of their music career.  Obviously, I think The Covers are among the best or the best our city has to offer. Music is not just a hobby for us... it is our livelihood.  We all have many other creative musical endeavors... singing dance covers is not and never will be the musical legacy we will leave to the world.  But we take the joy we have for music and the love we have for people and we make what can be a good party, a great party.  

Weddings are significant occasions for people.  We know that when the bride and groom hire us they want us to serve both them and all of their guests.  What other occasion has the multiple generations represented?  We know we can’t just play the latest top 40 hits... we’ve got to also play the timeless classics and get grandma & grandpa out there too!  I love to watch people get silly and drop their guards.  When stiff, old Uncle Charles from Iowa wraps his tie around his head like a bandana and lip syncs every word of Living on a Prayer with the band...  well I think I have the best job ever.    [ Sara Renner ]